About Larry

It began with bricks and mortar. By the time I was five years old, I was a fixture on construction sites across Toronto, which I would eagerly visit with my father, an established architect in the city.  I became quickly intrigued with the planning and building of structures, and therefore my fascination with construction was ingrained from a very early age.  Once I was old enough to work along side tradesmen and contractors, I found work and learned the tricks of the trade first hand. I spent  many summers doing hard manual labour to get a better understanding of the complexities of all aspects of construction.  Of course, a career in construction  was a logical and natural progression.   My entrepreneurial spirit was ignited and in 1995, while earning my Bachelor of Arts from York University, I opened my first construction company.

Currently president of Maher Construction, I have been responsible for the construction and renovation of over 1 million square feet and successfully completed hundreds of projects in various industries.   In 2005, I co-founded Westside Drywall, a boutique firm which specializes in interior finishing.  That same year, I founded Maher Outdoor, an outdoor advertising company that creates and installs billboards throughout the city.  I am also proudly involved and invested in several real estate and development projects in Ontario.

There are many inherent responsibilities that come with being an entrepreneur.  In my case, I am responsible to clients, trades, and my business partners and professional associates. However, in my opinion, there is no greater entrepreneurial responsibility than Social Responsibility. I have made it a priority to support various local and national charities and organizations.  Many of these organizations are dedicated to helping children – they range from my own kids’ local sports leagues to philanthropies that provide school supply kits to deserving children at home and abroad. It is my privilege to be associated with these outstanding causes.

I ultimately attribute my success to my family and friends.  I consider myself a consummate entrepreneur, and I am very proud of my professional achievements.  However, for me, success is not defined by these accomplishments.  I learned very early on, that success is measured in the love of family and friends, as my career success would not have been possible without them.  My life is balanced and fulfilled by all the wonderful and supportive people in my life.